Inglés - Ejercicios Varios I

- Escribe el comparativo
Ej. small - smaller

1. good
2. intelligent
3. old
4. dark
5. bad
6. large
7. narrow
8. new
9. easy
10. funny
- Completa las frases usando un comparativo.

Ej. My flat isn’t very big.- I want a bigger flat.

1. My motorbike isn’t very fast. I’d like .
2. My husband isn’t very rich. I need .
3. Your computer is getting old now. You need .
4. His camera isn’t very good. He needs .
5. It isn’t very hot today. It was yesterday.
6. I’m not very interested in football. I’m in tennis.
- Escribe frases que signifiquen lo mismo usando ‘as………as’.

Ej. A Porsche is faster than a Skoda. – A Skoda isn’t as fast as a Porsche.

1. Football is more popular than cricket in Spain.
Cricket isn’t
2. I work harder than you.

3. My car’s newer than yours.

4. His watch is more expensive than hers.

5. Your flat’s nicer than ours.

6. Paris is colder than Casablanca.

- Completa las frases con un superlativo.

Ej. He’s a very good footballer. He’s the best footballer in Europe at the moment.

1. She’s a pretty girl. She’s girl in my class.
2. There are many exciting cities in North America, but I think New York is .
3. August is a hot month in Spain. It’s usually month of the year.
4. I was so happy when I got married. My wedding day was day of my life.
5. It’s such an expensive restaurant. I think it’s the restaurant in Madrid.
6. It’s a very interesting book. It’s one of the books I’ve ever read.

1.- Elige "Must" / "Have to" (en el tiempo correspondiente) para completar estas oraciones:

1. It is very cold, we ________ light the fire (a father to his son)
2. You ________ go to bed now. It is very late (obligation)
3. When I was at university I ________ study very hard (a mother to her daughter)
4. You ________ come back home before midnight 5. If I want to do a master, I ________ my degree first
6. The neighbours complained and the police told us that we ________ to turn the music down
7. This is a secret; you ________ not say anything about it
8. You look very tired. You ________ rest
9. I ________ to tidy my room before my mum comes back
10. I have fixed the toilet; you don't ________ call the plumber
11. The lawyer told his client that he didn't ________ confess to his participation in the fraud
12. (A mother to her son) You ________ change your clothes; they are very dirty
13. During the exam you ________ not speak to your classmates
14. (A boss to his employee) You ________ finish your report before 4 o'clock
15. My father will bring the newspaper; you don't ________ buy it
16. We have a lot of food for the party; you don't ________ bring anything
17. If you want to lose weight you ________ stop eating so much (muy enfático)
18. You ________ leave my house immediately; if not I will call the police
19. If I want to go to the USA I ________ get a Visa
20. You ________ stop drinking so much; you are destroying yourself (muy enfático)
21. Last summer, when I went to Greece I ________ rent a car to visit all the ruins
22. The Formula 1 pilot ________ be very accurate to drive so fast
23. If you are assaulted in the street, you ________ mpt show any resistance (enfático)
24. In Spain you ________ always wear a helmet when you ride a motorbike
25. If you don't want to miss your train, you ________ leave now

A) - Escríbe las frases completas usando la forma correcta del verbo 'To be': was-were
1. These bags heavy.
2. I hungry. My wife thirsty.
3. This house not very expensive.
4. My books on the table.
5. you a good teacher?.

B) - Traduce las siguientes frases al inglés.
1. ¿Dónde estabas ayer a las 4?

2. Estuve en la escuela hasta las 8

3. ¿Hizo buen tiempo ayer?

4. Tengo hambre. ¿Puedo comer algo?

5. Mis padres no son italianos.


1. With so many killings on Tv, I finish seeing the news last night.
2. you to put up that piece of furniture on your own?
3. The girl said we lock our car because the garden was a safe place.
4. In six months' time all drivers in Spain wear a reflecting vest when walking on the road at night.
5. Children drink alcohol.
6. I leave the class for a while? I go to the locker(=taquilla).
7. They say mobile phones cause damage in brain, so you use them for too long.
8. translate this exercise before answering? No, you .
9. stand up in your school when the teacher came in? No we , but we raise our hands before talking.
10. Heat be the reason of that disease in plants.