Trabajo Practico Octubre 08 (Para 2º Año)

Comparatives and superlatives
Complete the sentences with the correct words.

cheaper is better more dangerous than the most intelligent worst older than
1 Is it true that you are ____________ me?
2 Peter is ____________student here.
3 Going out ____________than staying in.
4 English food is the ____________in the world!
5 I don't think London is ____________than New York.
6 Is driving in England ____________driving in Europe?

Type the superlative form of the adjectives. Use the.
1 funny _________
2 boring ________
3 good __________
4 busy _________
5 far ___________
6 modern ___________

Past Simple 1
Choose the correct answers.

1 I watch/watched/did watch a film on TV last night.
2 He didn't drank/didn't drink/ not drink any coffee for breakfast.
3 Last year, I did fly/flied/flew to America on Concorde.
4 I didn't knew/not know/didn't know him very well, I'm afraid.
5 'Did you make a cup of tea?' ' Yes, I make/Yes, I made/Yes, I did.'
6 'When did you last see a film at the cinema?' ' Before two weeks/Two weeks ago/Ago two weeks.'

Past Simple 2
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.

be buy become make see send

1 Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss _________ the first jeans in 1873.
2 Davis _________ the cloth from Levi's shop.
3 Jeans _________ fashionable in 1935.
4 In 1935 women jeans_________ in Vogue magazine.
5 John Logie Baird _________ television pictures from London to Glasgow.
6 The first television picture_________ of a boy.

Going to and Past Simple
Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or going to form of the verbs.
Use short forms where possible.

1 They ______________a baby next year. (have)
2 He______________ Italian last year. (study)
3 Take an umbrella! It ______________. (rain)
4 She ______________Paris next month. (visit)
5 They ______________to Paris last autumn. (go)
6 We ______________dinner in a nice restaurant yesterday.