Trabajo Practico Octubre 08 (Para 1º Año)

1) Formar los Plurales.

a) Fork:
b) Pen:
c) Cup:
d) Engine:
e) Dictionary:
f) Car:
g) Woman:

2) Escribir en letras.

a) 15:
b) 48:
c) 69:
d) 83:
e) 157:
f) 349:

3) What´s the time?

a) 11.45:
b) 8.30:
c) 6.55:
d) 14.25:
e) 16.40:
f) 10.15:
g) 21.50:
h) 19.30:

Poner 'this' o 'these'
This car is expensive. (singular)
These books are cheap. (plural)
1. __________men are from Spain.
2. __________foot is dirty.
3. __________scissors are very sharp.
4. __________children don't have any parents.
5. __________mouse is broken.

- Poner 'that' o 'those'
Those ladies are from Mexico. (plural)
That leaf is from New Zealand. (singular)
1. __________roofs are made of wood.
2. __________box is empty.
3. __________trousers are made in China.
4. __________men are waiting for the bus.
5. __________tomato is very big.

5) Responder.

a) Is there a television in your bedroom?
b) Are there any chairs in the kitchen?
c) Is there a garage in your house?
d) Are there any windows in the classroom?
e) Is there a video in the classroom?
f) Are there any bananas on the table?
g) Is there a blackboard in your house?